The name MÉSONSOL translates as “Center of the Sun” from ancient Greek μέσον (méson) and Latin (sol). The fragrances are an ode to the Sun, because the universal fascination with the Sun is incomparable. It has embodied Gods and Goddesses, it generates life and gives us warmth, light and vitality. To cherish these components every day and everywhere, MÉSONSOL catches its uplifting spirit and energy in a bottle of perfume.

Similar to the solar system, the high quality particles circle around the sun-kissed core note and embrace her. MÉSONSOL’s perfumes recreate the circle of life in its universal wholeness. To ensure the best scents, the precious essences are sourced worldwide. Floral notes such as Jasmine or Centifolia Roses come from the renowned Grasse region in the South of France, close to the French and Italian specialists and perfumers who MÉSONSOL cooperates with. The golden metal cap of MÉSONSOL’s perfumes reflect the round and glowing image of the Sun. The perfume in its liquid form in-, and the radiant cap on the bottle esthetically resemble the initial inspiration for MÉSONSOL: Both, water and the Sun stand for the creation of life and capture the wonderful moments of a blissful and sunny day.

Natural- and the finest synthetic trademarked ingredients make each composition irresistible. Oud woods in the Middle East, Cedar trees in Cyprus, Bergamot fields in Calabria, Orange farms on the island of Capri, Lilies and Roses in and around Grasse or the vanilla beans in Madagascar, there’s so much undiscovered treasure in our world.

So discovering them and further places of our Earth will be the core motivation and the future of MÉSONSOL’s beauty products. MÉSONSOL’s perfumes are made in Montpellier, France.

About Tamas Tagscherer

The beauty house MÉSONSOL was founded by Tamas Tagscherer in 2019.

Seven years before, in 2012, Tamas has already successfully revitalized and established the niche perfume brand J.F. Schwarzlose, where he gained years of experience in management, distribution and marketing in the perfume industry. By 2019 he wanted to create a new beauty brand with an international and universal approach.

Tamas grew up in the old town of Budapest, lived in New York City, the Balearic Islands and the Côte d’Azur and moved to Berlin. He studied at the University of Bordeaux and the Berlin University of the Arts. As a devoting admirer of the Sun, he travels around the world to get inspiration for his new formulas. He always felt that the day comes, when he will be capable to capture the olfactive version of the nature’s luxury: the golden reflection of the Sun rays on the water surface on a joyful, long and careless summer day. Or when one is being in the middle of a mix of salty breeze and mist of sun-kissed flowers and fruits, blossoming trees. Being guided by the glazing Sun, Tamas wanted MÉSONSOL’s scents not only to capture the olfactive memories that he collected, but also the essence of the Sun’s energy and glow.

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