The innovative method of making a fragrance – where the top-heart-base note pyramid loses its importance – was invented by the team behind MÉSONSOL.

the idea

It all started with the main symbol of MÉSONSOL, the Sun.
Having our Star in the middle of our Solar System influences everything we do.
Through the gravitation, the planets are circulating around the main core: the Sun.
And her energy is shining through even to the very last planet in form of light.

the development of a perfume with this method

This gave us the idea of starting the development with a strong main core element, which can consist one ingredient or a balanced union of more elements.
Layer by layer the ingredients surrounding the core will be defined. Sometimes one wants to use a certain element, which just doesn’t work with the core. It doesn’t stick around or circulate or takes the gravitation of this strong middle. In these cases our team have to change the idea and start again.
Usually three layers will be defined and built up and even if only the outer layer won’t work with the rest, the whole concept has to be changed and started again from the beginning.
The perfume specialists from MANE in Milan and Paris helped us to create the first perfumes with this method, which were launched in 2019. A sole fragrance’s development can last up to 6 months.

the behavior of the completed composition

Once the parfum will be applied on the skin, this strong core radiates through the composition. It defines the fragrance’s development on the wearer.
One can feel right away the extended attraction and a magnetic allure circles around the person, and a positive radiation passes to the surrounding environment.

the name and the physical appearance as symbols

MÉSONSOL translates as “Center of the Sun” from ancient Greek μέσον (méson) and Latin (sol).
The art deco inspired logo resembles some sacred symbols of the Sun from Mezzo-America (mezzo also means middle).
The heavy shiny cap symbolizes the golden rays and the strong gravitation of our one and only Star.

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