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Core: Leather-Labdanum

A truly magical 1001 Arabian Nights’ perfume

“In the one night when the Magical Sprout of the 1001 Arabian nights’ starts blossoming, the impossible happens. The sprout opens up slowly and puts every time a different spell on you, layer by layer. A whiff of woody-oriental scents, followed by smoky caramel and flowery lilly of the valley, enchants your nose. Suddenly mandarin, lemon and sage mix up in the air and glowing sparkles open up the flower’s innermost: the radiating leather and labdanum core.”


Combining the dry Leather with the sweet Labdanum was the main idea of MÉSONSOL. With this strong core, fans of both ingredients will find themselves right in the middle of an oriental night. Nevertheless the longer it stays on the skin, the more interesting it gets. Caramel is mixed with a version of Lilly of the Valley. Sage, Lemon and Mandarin sounds like a good Italian ice cream, or a cooling cocktail. Though, this highly concentrated parfum is everything but light. It is a very rich scent with a thick content of Ambramone, a trade marked ambery scent from MANE.
Everybody will love this steamy perfume, but the professional niche lovers and the gourmands will adore it.
The first layer around the core is Santamanol and Ambramone.
The second layer is Caramel Accord and Mugane.
The outer layer is Sage, Lemon, Mandarin.


100ml, 50ml

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