– S –


– S –

Core: Saffron

The scent of the sweet souk

“I have a mysterious dream, a very intense one. I am somewhere in the Middle East or maybe in the Maghreb.
I am at a souk, I hear noises, see vivid colors and a mix of intense scents of spices, sweets, foods, flowers.
The dry sand from the nearby desert touches my nose.
I’ve never had such a powerful dream before, where all my senses are awake.
I can smell and literally taste all the essences.
I might be daydreaming.
The scenes stay in my head as if I would take pictures or shoot videos.
My nose clears and opens wide, my pupils enlarge, my ears sharpen, I can feel the unseen materials, my mouth is watering.
This smell has to be captured in a bottle.”


– S – makes an intense impression on the person who wears it. The perfumer brings the scent of a souk to life – always with a European touch. The energetic red-orange color of a souk and a desert sunset is the inspiration of the saffron-core perfume. Saffron is the Middle East’s most precious, expensive, famous and beloved spice and has the glowing red color of the Sun’s hot core.
The smoke of the burnt benzoin and incense are very important spiritual scents of Eastern and Western European culture.
The first layer around the core is Oud, Ambramone and Vanilla Jungle Essence.
The second layer is Everlasting, Benzoin and Labdanum.
The outer layer is Incense and Maté


100ml, 50ml

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