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Core: Oud-Orange

The surprisingly European Oriental fragrance

“Start your journey from an Eastern European rose field of Bulgaria,
make a right turn and sail toward the Greek islands and just follow the smell of fresh oranges, while you arrive to the Nile’s Delt and continue to the south,
in direction of the Egyptian jasmine gardens, where you cross the dry desert to arrive to your final destination of Oman’s sacred oud trees.”


The second parfum has got its inspiration from the powerful pulling force of the Sun’s
core. It has a dominant magnetic allure and an impressive attraction.
This takes you to a seducing journey from Europe to the Orient.
This parfum has the sensual intensity you cannot resist. You fall helplessly into the
magnetic aura of the person who wears it.
Staying in the oriental heat, Oud was chosen as the core ingredient. Orange blossom gave her the European, Mediterranean twist. This is a fragrance with plenty of woods, but still without a woody dominance.
The first layer around the core is Styrax and Santamanol.
The second layer is Rose and Elemi.
The outer layer is Black Pepper Jungle Essence, Ginger Jungle Essence and Zafryl.


100ml, 50ml

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